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I can answer most questions regarding love, relationships, intimacy issues, making love last, communication skills, developing trust, and enjoying time with your sweetie.

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I think you would find my answers different than most as I see a relationship as a spiritual path. I enjoy what a relationship can bring to my life and how time with my partner has changed the way I look at the world. I've been a counselor and personal coach for for over 23 years and have had the opportunity to help various people with their relationship(s).

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2011-04-25 Relationship Help:

 Hello to you --    I want to respond as I can see you're sincere and that you want to feel better.    I am not so sure that you're dependent, needy, or that you have a problem with trust. Frankly, I

2010-11-17 Bad moods:

 Hi there,    Thanks for the question. I wanted to let you know I spoke with my girlfriend and have included her thoughts as well. Kudos on keeping your cool when he is taking out his frustration on you

2010-03-30 Is texting cheating?:

Hello to you..    I'm sorry you're having a hard time....I don't know if I have any answers, however, I have a few ideas.    I have to wonder if your boyfriend thinks you're stupid. I suggest that the

2009-04-16 my girlfriend and i:

Hello to you,,    Somehow I deleted your question, however, I want to respond to what you asked as it's important to me.    From what you've disclosed I'll assume that you're younger than me,,not that

2009-04-01 my girlfriend:

Hello to you...    I don't know you but I am going to assume that you might be younger than older?? Not that this makes any difference,,however, it's just my sense..    I have to wonder if you might be


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