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(I have expertise in both, "How to choose a compatible mate"--or--"how to bridge personality differences") Relationship challenges: communication, power struggles, controlling issues, partner being late, affection and closeness, little irritations, pouting, mood swings, criticalness, perfectionism, opposite environmental needs, companionship challenges,stubbornness,dealing with a skeptical partner, too thrifty, too generous, helps everybody but you, and when boredom sets in. Personalty Science also deals with trait-based Mood swings-an invaluable method of turning your mood swings into positives. Understanding is just as important as love!

Experience in the area

Certified Personality Manager. Trained in Personality Science, which is reading over 60 genetic traits from physical features. From any years of experience, Sharon can recognize traits, not only from looking at physical features, but from description of behavior. She has helped people in choosing a mate, marriage, parenting, self development, and it businesses. Over 30 years of teaching classes, business and personal workshops, and conducting private Personality Management sessions--helping design individual's lives. She also trains people to become Personality Consultants and Personality Managers.


Certified in two year program of Personality Science. Certified in secondary Personality Science program from a different institution. Trained in various workshops for Life Coaching, Self-educated from numerous books and programs, plus private training from Personality Science experts. After assessing 100's of Personality Profile--I know people!

Past/Present Clients

Hundreds of people from all walks of life including private individuals, couples, families, and businesses--from homemakers to CEO's Worked with many groups in workshops and classes. Worked with businesses particularly in customer relations/service and sales.

What do you like about this subject?

Gaining immediate understanding--what motivates self and others and how to use knowledge to bridge your differences instead of blaming each other. Helps you to be happy no matter what another person does or does not do. Also freeing people from depression and mood swings, caused by our genetic trait patterns.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Every time I work with someone I learn something of value. I have written 3 books and hope to write several more. Help people understand one another from a new perspective until every person has some knowledge of Personality Science. Get my books out to the world.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Did you know that according to the latest studies on genetics, some experts estimate 80% of our behavior stems from our genetic pattern? This means that we have been wasting a lot of time in examining our past to solve today's challenges. I can help you focus right now on what you can do about the challenges in your relationships.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

You can look at another person and read his personality traits. While today, I hardly get any strange looks when I tell people what I do; 25 years ago many thought it was pretty weird. Each trait is centered in the brain and each has a physical counterpart. This means the shape of your nose, lips, cheeks, eyebrows, chin, eyes,ears, and various parts of the head, show your personality.

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