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Leon Scott Baxter: "America's Relationship Guru"


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I can answer questions about keeping love in committed relationships alive and fresh. I can help couples overcome obstacles that they might encounter in their relationships and help get them back on the path to a strong, healthy, and committed partnership. I am not the guy to go to if you want to know how to meet someone. (I've never been good at opening lines.) I am dedicated to keeping the romance fires burning even after the embers of a new relationship turn cold. Let me help you find ways to be excited about each other and your relationship again.

Experience in the area

I have written three books, "Out of the Doghouse" , "A Labor With Love", and my most recent book, "The Finance of Romance" ( to help keep romance alive in relationships. I give romance advice on radio and podcasts (local and syndicated) have had a regular newspaper column and have writted scores of articles regarding love. I founded the website,, where I offer advice and give daily romance tips. I also have hosted the seminars, "Romance 101" and "The Valentine Prep Course".


Sophisticated Groom Magazine, Santa Barbara Independent Magazine,,, The Goleta Valley Voice,, Atlanta Parent Magazine, Coastal Woman, Marriage Partnership


Bachelor's Degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara, as well as a teaching credential.

Awards and Honors

KLITE Community Hero and Ben & Jerry's Citizen Cool for my work with children and their focus on academic and personal improvement. Listed in Who's Who in America. Name was placed on the National Wall of Tolerance for taking a stand against hate, injustice and intolerance. In high school, voted "Most Likely To Host Saturday Night Live by 1999". Unfortunately, Lorne Michaels never called.

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Cynthia12/18/16101010Thank you for your fast response
Mark11/26/16101010Thanks Leon, I'll do what you suggested .....

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Hi Sara,    First, I am so pleased when I hear that there are people like you who find love in the heart of the person they meet, and are not thrown off by looks. But, it sounds that Jacob has more issues

2016-11-20 body language:

Hello again, Mark,    I'm sorry that this is what is going on in your relationship. It's frustrating and erodes confidence. You can't (shouldn't) continue like this. But, before you call it quits, I think

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Hello Mark,    It sounds to me that your wife does truly love you, but the spark in your relationship (in he eyes) is dwindling, and the relationship has lost its zing. Then, you are trying so hard to

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Hello Andrew,    I'm sorry to hear about your situation. She does seem a bit ambiguous with her comments about your future as a couple. Yes, she does hold all the cards, and yes, she could just call off

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Hi Courtney,    I am sorry to hear that your ex had been cheating on you all the while you thought he was committed to his relationship with you. It's hard to get over someone after seven years, especially


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