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I can answer basic questions about relationships like how to meet the right person, how to express your feelings, how to cope with long distance relationships. I cannot answers psychological issues. I believe that being a young person I can understand teenage issues much better.

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I believe everyone has some experience about dating once they reach their 20s. I've had long distance relationships, gone through bad break-up, struggled through difficult times and learnt to accept others. I believe I have enough knowledge to understand other's problems and I am willing to help them.


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Elle02/27/14101010Thank you so much, such a sweet .....
likita08/27/13101010I knew there was no magic solution .....
Ryan07/06/131010Thank you for your help :)
Leona05/29/13101010 Thanks for the advice!!

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2015-10-06 My Ex:

Hi,    You have written what your ex wants, but not what you want. You should think if you still have feelings or him and how is your relationship with him currently. Also, are you ready to go out with

2014-09-20 LDR:

Hi,    Staying in a relationship or not is purely your decision. Who say that your boyfriend is caring and sweet. So you should ask yourself why you want to break up with him. If it is just because you

2014-07-21 Long distance relationship:

Hi,    There is no reason that your relationship cannot go on if you trust and love each other. IT is natural to feel frustrated when you haven't met for so long. You need to think about why you are feeling

2013-09-23 Confused:

Hi,    I'm glad to see you dealing with the problem in a mature way. I think you are right that he is confused about his feelings for you and maybe he is not ready for a relationship. You should think

2013-09-03 still likes me and has feelings?:

Hi,    There is possibility that he still likes you but he might just be saying this as a friend. I think this is too little to decide anything. You should think if he says these kind of things to you


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