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I can answer most types of question dealing with teens and preteens. I can give advice on dating, love, sex, friendships, same sex relationships. I am experienced at most preteen & teen subjects and have given advice to many people before. Who better to give advice to teens as being one myself?

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I'm a teen girl and have been in many relationships, both with guys and girls. I've been in many different situations and can give you great advice.

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2016-11-08 Not sure how to proceed:

Hi Liz,    Here is what I would do. I would be open and honest with him. For me that would mean telling him you like him as a friend and would like to hang out. That way you are not putting out the wrong

2016-08-25 does he like me?:

Hi Samaira    I dont think you can tell by someones pupils if they like you or not. I would say if he is your teacher from school than you shouldn't be concerned if he likes you or not. You dont want to

2016-08-10 Does he like me:

Hi     With guys it's just hard to tell sometimes. Lol. If I were you I would slow down on how often you communicate with him. Maybe once a week send a quick text saying hello. If the conversation goes

2016-06-11 I told him I like him:

Hi Destiny    Do you think you can just be friends with him if he doesn't show any interest in a relationship? If so than I would just act normal like you would any other time. Dont say anything more about

2016-06-07 Being Ready for a Relationship:

Hi Ian    I think you need to give her all the time she needs and let her make the decision when she is ready. That doesnt mean you should wait around for her either. There is nothing wrong with dating


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