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I can answer just about any question about dating for teens, but I can't answer questions unless I know the age of the person asking so I can give appropriate answers.

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I've talked to teens about relationships and I keep it honest and real with them so they're not looking at dating and other areas with a closed mind, but to understand that elements of dating does have consequences and that it shouldnt be taken lightly.


Associates degree, bachelor's degree, and Certified nursing assistant.

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2014-09-02 Dating question:

My advice to you in terms of writing a profile description for yourself is to keep it honest because words can be very powerful and what a woman reads is what she expects to see so don't say something

2012-12-24 confused long distance date:

Use this time to tell her how you feel and see where her head is at with this and let her know you want to hang out again when you guys go on a cruise again. It's kind of hard to have something long distance

2012-12-16 Girl I like:

It's hard to talk to someone you're interested in, but sometimes you have to muster up the courage to talk because if you don't you could lose that opportunity to tell her how you feel. I think this girl

2012-07-27 First date for me not for her:

Because you guys are minors you will have limited choices in terms of where to go for a date. I would suggest getting a bite to eat or grabbing a movie, but that seems pretty redundant in terms of first

2012-07-15 First date:

I would be wary of friends giving out numbers and my rule when I was single is that I have to see a picture of the man I am meeting just so you can put a face to a name. I know that your friend meant well


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