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I was once an expert on Askme.com, yet because askme is going out, I feel I can help people here. I am an expert in many areas of life, so why not try to be an expert here. Always remember to state your ages. I recommend our "expressing your self to others" expert on topics to speak about with dating. FAILURE TO INCLUDE AGES MAY RESULT IN FAILURE TO ANSWER(DECLINE QUESTION) POST IN BEST AREA FOR YOUR QUESTION OR QUESTIONS.

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Questioner agrees that it is their responsibility to check to make sure advice is legal in their area. I am not responsible if advice backfires. I cannot give legal advice, and advices posted are just “thoughts”. Advice can change with more facts.

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Please note I do not give legal advice online for I am not a lawyer. Dating in some areas is illegal if you are below a certain age.

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kira11/19/09HE DIDN'T GIVE ME A CLEAR ANSWER .....
Daniel08/06/09101010Misunderstood what i said. We didn't meet .....
Katie11/25/08101010Thank you so much for your answer .....
David03/29/08101010That was what I was thinking, thanks .....

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2009-11-11 first date:

Hi again,  I think this came from the question pool. The other expert didn't know how to answer this and I didn't know how to answer this either. I didn't know because of the information above. I don't

2009-09-13 I was stood up.:

Maybe he changed his mind about you. Maybe someone told him not to date you. Getting stood up happens in life. Maybe he wants to see you, but just got too busy or maybe his ex got back with him. About

2008-11-18 Unsure about what to do with a guy, and to even give him a chance.:

Hi,  I saw your feedback and had to reply to this. People will only change in theory if they want to change. That's in theory. I however know it's possible to change people if they don't want to change

2008-08-18 Sex On The First Date:

Hi,  I wouldn't call you a slut, yet what you are doing is foolish. Having sex like this can get you AIDSs, STIs, as well as other problems. I recommend speaking to a doctor about sex and being tested

2008-03-05 1st date:

Hi,  I would like to help you, yet I have to ask what are some of her hobbies and what are some of yours. I also need to ask what do you think she would enjoy and have you talked to her about places to


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