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Graham Smith ( PhB)B.PHIL


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I know I can help and guide teenagers in all problems they might come across. I also have a degree in management of people from the university of liverpool (UK)

Experience in the area

I am a father to two children,boy and girl. My son is 29 and my daughter is 27. I have been married to my wife for 32years. I have seen my children grow and fall in their growing up. When problems came my way,that caused my children to be hurt in some way I felt I have done my best to guide them.


I was a soccer Referee in the UK. (Youth and senior soccer)


Bachelor of philosophy may 29th 1996 (PhB)

Awards and Honors

soccer referee of year award for youth football 2001/2002

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Everybody encounters problems at one time or another,I have two children who,I have helped grow, so i can and will help solve problems.Although I must say I can't help anyone under 16 who asks about sexual matters or involved dating. Any other concerns are not a problem though

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Michael07/31/14101010Thanks Graham for the quick response.
scott03/02/13101010thanks, in the end i ended up .....
Eric01/20/13101010Thanks for your answer
Ryan11/20/12101010Insightful answer :)
Gregory11/12/11101010Thank You, perfect, exactly what I needed .....

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2015-08-03 Confused:

HI Cori,  Well, she did in fact "play" you, but in her mind she didn't see how her own life was developing;this said, its clear that being a friend would be nice, but sometimes life does move away from

2015-07-26 Confused:

Hi again Cori,  I would keep the text simply and short;something like,"hey, thought i would drop you a line can we meet for a coffee" with this simply request its showing her you are open and not pushing

2015-07-26 Confused:

Hi Cori,  From reading what you say, i find it very odd that she runs "hot and cold" and i think maybe she is not being truthful about her status. I would text once more to ask her out ,but if she doesn't

2013-11-22 Should I contact my Ex girlfriend after a year of 'No Contact'?.....:

Dan,  Sorry it took so long to reply, i somehow missed the email. OK, this is not a strange question at all,it has happened to a friend of mine,but that friend hadn't spoken to a girl friend for over 30

2012-09-05 Can you please help me out.......with this girl ... :):

Aman,  its impossible to get her to talk to you, if she doesn't want to.She might want to be left alone. You can keep talking to her,but you might scare her. You must tread very carefully indeed.I can


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