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If you want to have an answer from a FEMALE, I'm available to help!

I will be out of town for a few days and won't be able to answer questions. If you want to email me, you may do so at DWooley97@aol.com and I will answer on my return.

What are some ideas for my first date? I can help you figure out what to do on your first date and other dates. Please give me your age and what kind of location you live in (suburbs, city, country, etc). I have lots of ideas and will be glad to help.

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I have counseled and advised young women for 25 years.


25 years counseling experience.

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Eric02/01/13101010Thank you for the very sensible advice .....
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James10/17/12101010This really did help me! Thank you .....
maryke07/31/121010Hahahahaha :) your really nice... :D

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2014-08-11 Who should ask the other out:

Hi Emma, Thanks for your question. Sorry, I just got it so sorry for the delay. Has anything more happened in this situation? I'm kind of old-fashioned so I think the guy should ask the girl out. But I

2013-03-01 Bringing a friend on a first date:

In my opinion, I would advise that. You could tell him to bring a friend or two also. But let him know ahead of time that you are bringing your friends. I think it's more fun to go out in groups, not just

2013-02-13 asking a friend out on a date.:

Tyler, It is best to just stay friends at this point and not seek a romantic relationship. Ask her if that is ok with her. So that might help. I always encourage people to do things with friends and not

2013-01-12 First date:

Hi Joe, thanks for your question. I usually advise young people to wait a while for dating. I think it's better to be friends with young ladies and guys and hang out with both. I don't really recommend

2012-10-18 What to do? Date or not?:

Hey Jimmie, Did you ask her out? Sorry I didn't get back to you before you were going to ask her. Let me know what happens. I usually suggest going out in a group instead of one on one dating. But in this


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