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I can answer questions about what makes a great date: places, activities, behavior that is attractive and unattractive with all the details and specifics that you will find useful. I can also refer to the common mistakes people make that sabotage their dates. Learn more about me and my work at

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I had many, many, dates. I documented a lot of my experiences and learned a lot from it. I helped more than 20 people to become more successful on their dates in attracting their partner and keeping him / her interested and eager to see them again. I also published and sold over 50 copies of "Powerful First Date" audio program.


M.A. in Philosophy.

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nicole10/04/07101010thanks xx

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2016-02-24 Dating/Pursuing a relationship:

Hello, Ian. Good job so far. At this early point you should not be concerned about labeling your interaction, and it doesn't matter whether you call that dinner a date or not. What matters is the dynamic

2015-12-17 First Date:

Hello, Tom. That's a good question. I believe that giving flowers on a first date is an overkill, unless you already know that girl well before going out with her. Flowers should be reserved for someone

2007-10-04 places to go on dates:

I am glad to hear that, Nicole. It sounds like you guys enjoy each other physically very much as well which is a great thing and nothing to feel guilty about.      How about a hike?    Volunteering for

2007-10-04 places to go on dates:

Hi, Nicole. I am sure you have heard this one before, but I will repeat it - it's the company and not the activity that matters. If you like each other and find each other intersting, then any activity

2007-09-28 being yourself:

Hey, Savannah. That's a great question. One effective way to remain yourself is by reminding yourself that even if things don't go that well IT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. In other words, you must eliminate


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