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This is the most important thing in your life. you NEED to get it right. Let me help you with honest pull no punches answers to your questions.

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I am a licensed couples and family therapist. I have been meeting with couples and families for approx 10 years talking about these exact issues. I am also married 13 years.




M.S. marriage & Family Therapy; Ph.D. Psychology

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2014-06-26 Am I being Practical:

Sal,    I think it is a bit odd. I would suggest you have a conversation about it and specifically let him know how it makes you feel. If he isn't willing to change his behavior around it, then I think

2014-02-28 Loving two women:

Allen,  You didn't give me much information about the woman who moved. Obviously she didn't feel the same way about you or things would have went much differently. She may be on the rebound and thus is

2013-08-24 Mad Love for girl in my school:

Robert,  Anytime someone used the word Obsess I worry for them. After reading your description I couldn't find a question you wanted me to answer. I would suggest though that you seek someone out to talk

2013-08-06 recently engaged:

Janie,  Since I don't know either of you I can't give you a very accurate opinion of whether or not you should marry this guy. I would suggest prior to marrying him that you seek out pre-marital counseling

2013-03-05 trying my hardest:

Marcellus,  Physical attraction is important in a relationship. If she isn't really attracted to you then you should not be getting married to her. What will happen when someone more attractive shows up


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