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Difference between love and like, how to make sure u send across the right vibes to opposite sex and interpret the vibes u get from opposite sex. Help in decision making for relationship issues (if any).

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Counselled people of all age groups online via chat messengers, emails and calls. Have received positive feedback on the advice given.


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It is a very sensitive subject which needs to be handled with care and patience. I like the very fact that every situation brings in it some newness that is a challenge to handle at times. Also the feeling of relief I get once the user is satisfied with the answer is very nice.

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2012-06-04 Should i say the" L" word yet?:

Hi Renae,    I believe is you have had a breakup recently it might be risky to get involved into another guy so soon. I think you should give your relationship some time.  It is normal that you get attracted

2012-04-19 Bored in my long distance long term relationship:

Hey Marissa,    I believe this is expected in a relationship that has reached a point where both partners have nothing more to explore, discover or know about each other.  That is the reason why you feel

2012-02-03 How to know if this is the relationship to stay in:

Hi Rachel,    Thank you for writing to me and giving me an opportunity to help you think it through.    After reading your message it is quite challenging for me to advice accurately since I am unsure

2011-10-10 Problem in Relationship:

Hi,    I didn't read the entire story but could easily get the gist of the situation from the previous few paragraphs and ending paragraphs.    First thing you both must agree is that there is a big age

2011-07-02 He loves me but he's changing his mind?:

Hello Raina,    Long distance relationships can get complicated at times - you need to be cautious.  Frankly speaking I think you are too young to take such a serious decision.  And even the guy is just


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How to Know if You`re Really in Love

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