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I can answer just about everything about interracial dating and what you will expect to deal with if you are in one. I won't answer questions about the psychological elements because I don't have a background in psychology to answer that.

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I have been in two long term relationships with individuals who were biracial and I have experience in friends who have dated and are married to people who are of a different race.


associates degree, bachelors degree, and certified nursing assistant

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Cameron03/27/16101010I appreciate you answering this question
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2016-02-02 Interracial Relationship:

Unfortunately.....You can't change this guy's parents and sounds to me like they're stuck in their ways and apparently he allowed them to come between you guys. It's sad that you're pregnant and without

2016-01-19 Interracial relationships:

Hi thank you for your question.......Although you guys are 14 years apart in age I would strongly suggest this you need to meet each other in person that's when you will see how this guy really acts. I

2015-03-24 Inter-racial Couples Research: apologies for the late reply I had major computer issues that didnt allow me online for some time. I would go on google look up the points of why interracial couples/marriage are not acceptable

2015-01-10 To move in or not...:

My apologies I was having major computer issues making it difficult to get to my questions that were being submitted. I took a moment to read over what you wrote to me and I think in my opinion you should

2014-10-27 Talk to white girl and ask her out:

I apologize for the delay, but I strongly suggest you feel your way out before diving into dating. Please don't use this as a way to escape an arranged marriage because you'll be doing something that could


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