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I can answer the following questions: writing an effective online profile that will stand out from the rest and improving an existing profile; responding to other people's profiles effectively and in a way that would compel them to write back; chosing the best photos and the best ways to describe one's own qualities and traits.

Experience in the area

I have used several major dating sites with great success and helped a few of my friends to dramatically improve their ability to meet people online.


M.A. in Philosophy and Logic

What do you like about this subject?

I like the great space of creativty that a person has when they write a profile and many ways in which they can show who they are by expressing themselves effectively and eloquently.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope to show to as many people as possible how to stand out from the sea of mediocre profiles and how to dramatically improve their on-line dating experience.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Writing a straight and plain, general profile is going to bring plain, average results. If you want oustanding results, you have to show that you are an oustanding invidual in one or more ways. This is not achieved by bragging of course but through other means.

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2015-02-05 Profile:

Hi.      I have a couple of observations:     1. You are a good looking guy, but the outfit simplly has to go. You can have far more flattering pictures than that. (It's better to have more than one photo)

2008-01-10 how not to hurt someone's feelings:

Hey, Jessica. Thanks for your question. Like in many other things, honesty is the best policy. Saying something like: "Hey, you are a really nice guy but.... you are just not my type. I am sorry if it

2007-01-09 I need help in creating a dating profile:

Hey, Russel. This is much better! Give me some time to create a good page for you. And yes, match is probably the best dating site out there. But ... you gotta know what you are doing.        Give me a

2007-01-08 I need help in creating a dating profile:

Hello, Russel. My pleasure.      1. Your photos are not great. They are too small, you are too far away in them, and ... they don't flatter you. I suggest that you make arrangments and have some better

2007-01-08 I need help in creating a dating profile:

Hey, Russel. Thanks for your question. I do specialize in on-line dating.  I am glad that you turn to me because the vast majority of guys create very mediocre profiles that get them nowhere.      Obviously


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