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I can answer any questions about teen issues such as pregnancy, low self esteem, dating advice, family issues, and any other problems teens may be having.

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I was a teen mom myself, and have a teenage daughter that I have a very open relationship with. Over the years I have researched info on teen pregnancies and given advice to other pregnant teens. I can put myself in their shoes and really relate to what they are going through.


I am a certified life coach, and a surgical technician. I am currently studying psychology at Victor Valley college.

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Life Coach Certificate. Surgical Tech Certificate.

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Ivy07/21/15101010thank you so much!! you're answer helped .....

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2016-03-27 Low self esteem:

Sorry to hear about what happened. But you definitely should not let one girl lower your self esteem. There could be many reasons why she didn't want to date you. Besides, I'm sure there are many other

2015-07-20 Pregnant!!??:

There is always a chance of pregnancy when having unprotected sex. But it sounds like the chance that any sperm got inside your vagina is very slim. It doesn't seem like anything you should be too worried

2015-07-15 Spotting:

This very well could be signs of pregnancy. But there are many other things we would need to take into consideration. Like, did you have unprotected sex around the time this started? Have your periods

2014-06-30 Am i pregnant?:

Of course anytime you have unprotected sex, you can get pregnant.  But the fact that you had sex the day before your period, and that he didn't cum,  makes the chance really low.  I don't know why you

2014-03-21 Pregnancy miscarriage:

It doesn't sound like a miscarriage. It is normal to have light bleeding in the beginning stages of pregnancy. But the only way to know for sure is to see a Dr. Is there any way you can see a dr. without


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