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Darleen Claire Wodzenski, MS ESE, MA CMHC, PhD Candidate


I can address questions about parenting teens - from the perspective of a Mental Health Professional, Special Education teacher, Parent & Teacher Trainer, Mother, and Grandparent. Kinds of teen problems include academics, development, emotions, behavior, profanity, respect, sibling issues, parent-child issues, laziness, defiance, sex, drugs, alcohol, smoking, violence, unlawfulness, and issues related to family and societal values. My expertise stems from a lifetime of living in solution - I seek to understand challenges and find ethical and effective strategies that are based on a firm foundation of brain-based developmental principles and common sense child-rearing.

Experience in the area

My greatest experience in the area of parenting teens is my background as a Mother to my own children and a Therapeutic Parent to the many children who lived in our home as part of a nurturing intervention. My work as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor focuses in the areas of developmental disorder (including Autism), emotional or behavioral disorder, learning problem, attachment disorder, mental health issues, and family or relational challenges.


American Counseling Association; North Carolina Parent Education Network; Council for Exceptional Children; University Brotherhood Movement; Orchard Human Services, Inc.; PsychoNeuroEducational Institute, LLC.

Publications existing contributor;; The Local News


PhD Candidate in Psychology with focus in Integrated Model for Addressing Developmental and Mental Health Challenges Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Masters in Exceptional Student Education Q.P.P.E. - Qualified Professional Parent Educator Certified Special Education Teacher for Florida - K-12 & for Georgia - P-12 State of Georgia's Bright from the Start authorized Early Childhood Teacher Trainer

Awards and Honors

National Presenter for the Council for Exceptional Children. 1) Using Music to Promote Emotional Development of Young Children 2) Metacognition to Promote Reading Across the Common Core 3) Using Behavior Contracting to Promote Academic and Behavioral Development for EBD with NLP and Vygotsky's Scaffolding in the Zone of Proximal Development

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