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Please note, after years of providing free advice, I now require a donation (the amount is up to you) prior to answering your question. Questions from parents who are noticing changes in their adolescent and think problems may be brewing, questions regarding specific problems they are already experiencing, information on warning signs if they think their child may be having problems, questions regarding fighting with parents, sibling rivalry, school problems, addiction problems, relationship issues (eg their child is in a relationship and parent has concerns), and anything else you can think of.

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22+ years working with an adolescent population providing counselling. I have probably worked with over 1000 clients in that time. Have been used to testify in court and write reports for sentencing.


M.A. Counselling Psychology
BA Psychology

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Recent Answers from Shanac

2015-06-07 pre teens daughter:

Hi there B, thx for your email. I'm not sure what the question is. I understand your frustration, sadness and disappointment with your daughter's behaviour. I also understand how badly you want her to

2013-06-10 daughter/brother stuff:

Hi Mick, thx for your question.  A masturbating 15 year old boy is a normal occurrence. One masturbating with his sister's underwear, is cause for some concern but I wouldn't immediately jump to conclusions

2013-04-30 Young Adult Son:

Hi Anthony, thx for your question. It sounds like you have done everything you can to help and support your children to become highly functioning adults. It appears to be a mystery why your son is angry

2010-04-09 Daughter in danger- returning to abuser:

Hi, thank you for your question- wow! I can feel the fear and anxiety jump right out of the screen. You have been through an overwhelming amount of experiences with your daughter and it sounds like it

2005-07-14 Concerned Sister:

HI Sarah, one of the things you can do is to let child protection know your side of the story.  They always take that into great consideration.  It does sound like she has crossed the line of "typical"


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