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I work with teens and parents on a weekly basis. I have learned that one way of parenting doesn't fit every teen. Being able to be flexible and a good listener can really cultivate a great relationship between a parent and teen. I will give you a no-nonsense pratical way to help your relationship

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I am a Ph.D. level licensed Marriage & Family Therapist presently in private practice.





M.S. Marriage & Family Therapy; Ph.D. Psychology

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2014-11-19 lazy unmotivated daughter:

Karen,    At some point you need to take your emotion out of it. If you bring in consequences AND yelling and screaming that is going to keep things going in a bad way. If you bring consequences only and

2014-09-08 7yr old nude photos:

Julie,    Yes of course this is something you report. You should immediately go to the teacher and inform them this is happening. There also seems to be a huge lack of supervision in the school. If the

2014-03-15 14 yr old body image issues:

Monica,  You're older daughters may have unresolved issues so they can't deal with it. I would suggest that you get your daughter to a therapist that specializes in body image issues. This would be important

2014-01-24 adult daughter emotionally distant since childhood:

Ariel,    I would imagine part of the way she copes is to avoid emotion. This is probably what the drugs were used for at some point. She found help to stop using, but in the process she learned to protect

2013-10-24 Cell phone privacy and reading daughters texts:

Arlene,    You may need to do things radically different in the relationship with your daughter. What you have written above let's me know that you and your daughter don't have a very close relationship


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