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I can answer questions about the sacrament of matrimony from a Catholic perspective.

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I used to have religious vows and I was preparing for the priesthood when I was told my vocation is to the married state. I received the holy sacrament of matrimony in the Catholic Church 15 years ago.


I went to Catholic High School and then after a two year novitiate, I professed vows in a religious order. I was later told my vocation is in the married state. I've been married now since 1995.

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This sacrament is often very misunderstood.

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2015-08-21 Future of Marriage in United State:

Hello Heather!    What a good question! All the time I've been doing this I have yet to have such an excellent question.    I think God knows exactly what the situation is like here on Earth.  He understands

2015-06-04 Distrust:

Hello,  Sorry my answer is so late. If I were writing now to your husband, I would be writing differently, because what he is doing is wrong.    But since I am writing to you and not to him all I can say

2015-02-21 confused:

Rosemary, (I assume your name is not actually Rosemary, because if you are writing about your wife then you must be a man).    This is a very difficult situation you describe. Obviously your wife does

2014-07-07 Jealousy:

Flavia,  First of all your English seems very good to me! No need to apologize for that! Second of all, please be aware that I have no training in psychology, I can only tell you what I know about men

2014-06-05 No wedding, No christening?:

Marvels,    The Catholic teaching regarding that has nothing to do with the marital status of the parents. What it does say however, is that in order for the child to be baptized there has to be some assurance


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Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship

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