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I am a mother of three, one girl two boys. My first marriage lasted 25 years, married now for one year. I can be a witness for your relationship issues with marriage, divorce,and children, and or health. I can help you understand your situation and try to find a solution for you and your partner. Health issues, cancer ect., Anger, rejection, betrayal. I am a Reiki facilitator, I donate my time to help cancer patients deal with pain management. My perspective to problems or circumstances come from a spiritual place. To help you see purpose and meaning and always approach a situation from a loving place. I speak/write English and Spanish

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Reiki I and II facilitator (over 20yrs) Ordained Minister (15 yrs) Hypnosis Therapist- past life regression (10 yrs) Sound Therapist (7yrs)


Gilda's Club for Cancerr Patients Hakensack, NJ


Reiki I and II facilitator (over 20yrs) Ordained Minister (15 yrs) Hypnosis Therapist- past life regression (10 yrs) Sound Therapist (7yrs) Professional singer for over 25 years In college majoring in Journalism

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2015-08-21 Future. of Marriage in United States??:

Dear Heather, The way  "I see It"......It is all about the great plan...All up to God!    I see Honesty and Truth rising,which is why all "this" is showing up.  So row your boat merrily down life stream

2015-01-18 Old love:

Hi Jennifer,    Let me ask you a question...."do you have feelings for your old boyfriend?"   Wait I think I know the answer! "you would always love him but in a caring way" am I wrong?  No right, anyone

2014-08-07 Fiance's anxiety and depression?:

Dear Sara,     Your letter touched my heart because I just recently ( 2yrs ago) found out my son is Bi-Polar. It has been a life changing whirlwind!  So I totally understand what you are experiencing.

2014-07-25 wife shows no love:

Hello Mr Smith, has your wife always been this way? Because if she has then she is being herself, this is who she is.   If she has been acting this way for six years also means for some reason you accepted

2014-07-10 Jealousy:

Dear Flavian, you want to hear something more practical......    Jealousy arrives when one looks outside oneself seeing what one feels they lack.....  If you where to see instead yourself in each beautiful


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