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After 30 years of marriage and 10 children I can comfortably answer questions about developing or salvaging a strong marriage relationship.

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Relationships fail almost exclusively due to individual selfishness or inappropriate activities outside of the marriage contract. Almost any marriage can be salvaged and can flourish. There are exceptions, adultery, abuse and addictions may sever the trust to such an extent that a marriage may not survive.


In addition to my personal experiences I have over 15 years of special education experience with a Masters in special Ed.

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2016-09-21 family issue:

I am so sorry to hear about your problems with your mother in law.  The situation you described is not unusual but has serious ramifications that need to be dealt with.  Your mother in law may not ever

2016-04-17 Need marriage help:

Relationships can only be salvaged when both parties are willing to sacrifice their wants and selfish ways.  The way you described the situation is fairly straight forward, and I think, regardless of how

2015-12-25 My husband is stalking other women:

If what you say is true, I have  No reason to doubt you, your   Huband has a serious problem and he needs to get help.  It's very difficult to diagnose in this site but experience tells me there is something

2015-08-21 Future of. Marriage in United States??:

I believe you're right and I think those who truly love, act in love and continually reinforce the marriage through simple acts of love will survive.  I also believe commitment is in short supply leaving

2015-08-08 Its like he doesnt even like me anymore:

Thank you for responding and I think you've made a good point in consideration of his emotional level.  I agree that depression may be a problem he has to deal with.  Having been depressed myself and still


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