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Marriages are made in heaven! But in love marriages when the two partners belong to different nations, castes, races, social strata, backgrounds, the amount of understanding required is more. I can tackle queries related to love marriages of these kinds. Sorry, I cannot help out on gay and lesbian relationships and am neither a sex therapist nor an astrologer.

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20 years of a blissful married life.


Masters in Business Administration

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A lifetime is not enough to know a person fully!!

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Love and respect are two sides of the same coin.

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Komal05/08/16101010Hi Vani, I am so sorry to .....
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2015-07-09 strained married life:

Hi Neha,    If he is tensed for some reason that doesn't give him the privilege of insulting you. It's time you started paying back in the same coin.  Next time he's rude just retort back in same style

2015-06-02 Stressful situations:

Hi Prasad,    I fully understand how traumatic this must have been for you when the women in your life are competing for your attention constantly.  All three of them think that you are their property

2014-09-16 predict:

Hi Neha    You are not responsible for this situation but yes you are being over sensitive.  This is  natural as you came to this family with a set of expectations.  He seems to be an over devoted son

2014-08-22 What should I do when my husband hiding things from me?:

Hi,  You are right, it seems he is hiding stuff from you. Getting home late is no reason to mistrust him but if he starts hiding his phone records and logs, there is some cause for concern.  If you ask

2014-07-25 Wife shows no love:

Hello,    Am surprised that she has been aloof for 6 years and taking a caring attentive husband for granted. To get to the bottom of this, I need you to answer few questions. Have you tried making her


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