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Graham Smith B.PHIL


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I can help with any question on marriage, based on my 32 years of marriage. I also have two children, and one granddaughter,and one step grandaughter.

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32years of marriage.


I have a bachelor of Philosophy from the Liverpool university (UK)

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bachelor of Philosophy

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

we all learn as we move on in life

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2016-09-21 marriage issue:

HI Ana,   well, it looks so much like that the family issues that are happening here are from years of tradition. With family issues like this i feel that whatever i say could offend the culture of your

2015-12-06 Possible Interview Inquiry:

Question 1:  This is an unanswerable question in the strict sense of the word. One must look at why do we do anything;this means what society looks at as not "main stream" is always look at with concern

2015-12-06 Possible Interview Inquiry:

Hi,Racheal,  well i will answer as well as i can.   Graham

2015-07-20 troubled marriage:

Hello Emily,  I know you must be finding things so difficult right now, and your hubby's lack of understanding is just undermining everything you are trying to do. His accident,although horrible for you

2015-05-14 Does money or family = happiness:

Hi,  Well, our whole life revolves around money, but our health, mental and physical is equally important. You and your wife have to talk about this very important issue. The pros and cons have to be looked


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