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Graham Smith ( PhB)B.PHIL


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I can help with any question on marriage, based on my 38 years of marriage. I also have two children, and two granddaughters.

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38 years of marriage.


I have a bachelor of Philosophy (PhB) from the Liverpool university (UK)

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bachelor of Philosophy

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

we all learn as we move on in life

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Hame01/04/17101010thank you
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2017-01-29 Is my marriage worth trying to save?:

Hi Amber,   I would normally be able to work on something, but  after reading your letter, it seems that your "husband" is a "mummy's boy". The fact that he will not even acknowledge you as his wife, yes

2017-01-20 Wife taking teaching position will cause issues:

Hi there,   well, it does seem a little short sighted of her to dismiss her family in such a manner, I would suggest you look at possible other reasons why this job is so important to her. All jobs are

2017-01-20 Wife taking teaching position will cause issues:

hi Jared,  Its clear that her training has helped her to get where she is today,and I understand her need to fit in and stay in a location she is happy in. Now, with all said and done,your marriage and

2016-09-21 marriage issue:

HI Ana,   well, it looks so much like that the family issues that are happening here are from years of tradition. With family issues like this i feel that whatever i say could offend the culture of your

2015-12-06 Possible Interview Inquiry:

Question 1:  This is an unanswerable question in the strict sense of the word. One must look at why do we do anything;this means what society looks at as not "main stream" is always look at with concern


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Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship

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