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Questions about relationships, marriage, healthy and unhealthy communication, intimacy, physical and verbal abuse.

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I have been a therapist in private practice and hospital settings for over 30 years.


College of Mental Health Counseling


MA in European history MSW in clinical social work

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2012-07-31 My wife has hit me for 13 years:

Get her to agree that if she does not stop assaulting you that you can call the police. The police may not arrest her but they will start a file, and then you can report it each time she does it. If she

2012-07-06 abusive relationship:

Sometimes a person will not leave permanently until several attempts. Make a plan to leave with leaving contact information for him to find you. Leave while he is away. Make your plans in detail: where

2012-02-08 Abusive husband????:

My suggestion is to use the following structure:   1. Hhave meeting in which you and you husband create a written numbered list of your issues.  2. Then each choose an issue that is most important.   3

2012-01-27 Options?:

Your mother is an alcoholic. Have a calm discussion when she is sober. Get her agreement to stop drinking altogether. Also, it is important to agree on consequences including she will go to AA meetings

2011-06-13 Physical/Emotional Abuse:

To keep the playing field even, both of you should make a commitment to never get physical with person or property in a fight or when angry AND also to never engage in name-calling. Yes, I think counseling


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