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Dr Dixon - Lost or Broken Relationship Coach


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I am a Relationship Coach, supporting clients with lost or broken relationships, and those experiencing emotional or physical abuse in dating and marriage situations. I am a coach, not a lawyer, so, I work with clients to establish the best emotional solutions for them. I have had firsthand experience in abusive relationships, and understand the overwhelming emotions associated heartaches and confusion, during, and after each abuse. I also understand the questions, challenges and doubts you might have as you try to make decisions about how to improve your situations. As a Christian minister and counselor, I am able to address spiritual concerns regarding staying in or leaving these types of situations.

Experience in the area

Consultancy and Coaching includes: * Constructively Managing Disagreements. * Dealing with roller-coaster feelings. * Recovering From Divorce. * Avoiding a "victim mentality". * How to forgive yourself and others. * Shielding the children from grief. * Regaining Your Self Esteem. * De-Stressing Your Life. * Relating with your ex. * Remarriage. How not to make the same mistakes. * Building Healthy Relationships.


Chambers of Commerce. Rotary Club. OrganoGold Business Club.


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BA, CIPM, MPM, Dip (Christian Leadership & Ministry), PG Positive Behavior Management

Awards and Honors


Past/Present Clients

Members of Ebony People Support Group Members of CAMfest Members of various faith groups Subscribers of CP Family Support Services

What do you like about this subject?

I like the fact that I am able to provide support to other people who are going through various stages of the challenges that I myself have gone through, and overcome.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I learn everyday, because people are different. I hope to become the best Coach I can be, and be able to reach many more people.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

It is good to be able to help others. Everyone needs to know that no condition is permanent. If things seem though today, looking like there is no way out, it is just a phase. It will pass, the sun will shine again, and then you will look back, and ask yourself how you ever got through it all.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Men and women may not always see eye to eye on lots of issues. In the end, everyone is trying to be happy.

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