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Relationship, self-love, domestic violence, personal and spiritual growth, self-examination to define the reasons we have pulled unhealthy people into our lives and how to end this destructive practice.

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Author of, "Whose Face is in the Mirror?" One woman's journey through the nightmare of domestic violence to true healing. Website for battered women and non-profit organization that assists victims of abuse.


Domestic violence director of The Peace at Home Program. Court approved trainer and speaker on domestic abuse.


This book was reviewed by The Library Journal

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Book was chosen as Hay House Publishing "Book of the Year."

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raphael08/19/16101010a million thanks, your answer is priceless .....
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Suman03/16/16101010Dear Dianne, You touched my heart. Thank .....
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2016-08-18 family love:

Hi Raphael,    Yes, it does cause harm. Great harm. The person who isn't loved the same as the others feels like they never fit in or a part of the family. This usually causes them to try harder to get

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Hi James,    Thank you for your question. I would look for an opportunity to volunteer at a local shelter to get an idea of what you feel is needed or if you even like this kind of work. One of the problems


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Hello Shawn,    You are completely missing the point. You are focused on everything but the real issue which is: you abused her.    It's not that her boss has an affect on her, that is a moot point. You

2013-03-14 Domestic violence, is it? can it be cured?:

Hi Pri and thank you for your question.    I will answer your questions point by point because I think it's more easily understood that way.    1. He was sorry after the abuse. Really? If I abused someone


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