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My name is Susan Blocker. I was born in 1962 with a physical disabillity and I am SURVIVOR of Physical, Sexual, Verbal, Emotional and Economical abuse. Since 1996 via my website "Climbing Out Of The Spiral" I have provided a myriad of online support and counseling services to survivors and victims of abuse worldwide. My knowledge stems from my own personal experiences with childhood abuse and domestic violence. Through my own experience with abuse I've learned many valuable lessons that I want to pass on to those in need of guidance and support. Please allow me to help "YOU" begin your "Climb Out Of The Spiral".

Experience in the area

My greatest accomplishment is surviving thirty years of abuse and having the strength to uphold my emotional fortitude so that I can pass my experience on to other survivors of abuse. I am creative founder of a website dedicated to promoting abuse awareness and prevention. Starting December 7, 1996 Climbing Out Of The Spiral has has been a leader providing Abuse Support and Counseling Services to victims of abuse World Wide. Climbing Out Of The Spiral is my most humble and precious achievement.


My educatonal credentials stems from "Personal Life Experience".

What do you like about this subject?

After surviving thirty years of Physical, Sexual, Verbal, Emotional and Economical abuse, I am grateful to be alive and it is an honor to share my experience and knowledge with fellow Victims/Survivors of Abuse.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Being a support mechanism to victims of abuse has helped me with my healing proces and my hope is to continue passing on the knowledge hopefully one day we'll end abuse.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

If We Work Together Maybe One Day We Can End Abuse.

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