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I can answer questions about Denver and the surrounding Metro area. Knowledge on Ski Resorts, Colorado Outdoors, and anything and everything to do with the City of Denver. I also can answer questions about the entire state and some of the surrounding states.

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I have lived here my entire life and know all there is about local hotels, attractions, events, and sight seeing. I can also give information about our local breweries, restaurants, and places that MUST BE SEEN when visiting the metro area.


Green Mountain High School University of Colorado, both Boulder and Denver

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I am a true Colorado Native, and while I've traveled quite a bit, I can't seem to find anywhere in the U.S. or Europe that has what Colorado has to offer.

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Colorado has several lakes, snow capped mountains, forrest, plains, and even a desert. It has something for everyone from an outdoorsman, a food, wine, or beer connoisseur, even casinos, and a haunted wild west past. Whatever you're into, you can find it in Colorado

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Wallace06/28/16101010Tyler gave me a great insight to .....

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2016-06-27 Relocating to Colorado:

I would have told you 8-9 years ago that Denver is not too expensive. However it seems that recently we have become one of the highest priced areas in the Nation. Not that we are more expensive, just that

2011-07-20 Colorado Vacation help:

Some of the things to do in Denver depend on the time of year you are coming out.  For instance if it during the regular season of baseball you can catch a Rockies game for little money, and we have a


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