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I can answer questions about: internet, networking, websites, telecommunications, auto mechanics, carpentry, credit card processing, advertising, marketing, calling cards, promotional materials, options - both equity and index both short and long positions as well as strategies such as covered writing, bear spread, bull spread. I cannot answer legal, accounting or medical questions.

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I founded one of the first Internet Service Providers in the United States in 1994. I founded a digital telephone company in 2005. I owned a real estate investment company. I have traded options for over 20 years and worked in the margin department of a financial brokerage firm. I have been working on automobiles and engines since I was eight years old. I was a member of the Board of Directors of a publicly traded corporation for 2 years.


New York State Dispute Resolution Association


I performed a 15 minute segment on 810AM WGY every Tuesday morning for 5 years regarding the internet.


Bachelor of Science - Marketing and Management, Siena College. All other knowledge has been learned through real world experience.

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There is now way to know how many people are in a class action lawsuit until the representing attorneys make that information public.  I would recommend that you try to track down whether or not a class


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