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Can answer questions about bankruptcy, lawsuits or judgments that have been filed against you. Also can answer questions about tax issues, property that is facing foreclosure, repossession of vehicles, and wage garnishments. 915 261-3893

Experience in the area

Over 30 years experience assisting consumers with lawsuits and bankruptcy matters since graduating from law school.


Numerous published appellate court opinions; Law review publications; Article on consumer bankruptcy in Black Enterprise magazine; was requested to author a book on consumer bankruptcy by Doubleday Publishers


Over twenty years of education including law degree (J.D.); masters and bachelors degrees in political science; author of magazine articles related to consumer bankruptcy; hundreds of hours of continuing education legal education and seminars

Past/Present Clients

Have had well over a thousand bankruptcy clients during the past 30 years and have had many clients in civil lawsuits during the same time period

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Trump's circumstance resulted from a law passed in the last twenty years that specifically applied to real estate developers.   You can only put $7,000.00 a year in an IRA to defer the tax.  Whether the

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Hi Ed:  I am from Texas also.    I just saw your question on the question pool and determined to answer your question as best I could given the limited specific information that you supplied.     At first

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Immediately.   If you are going to be filing the chapter 7, any payments you make at this point would be pointless.    It would be wasted money paid to a debt that will be discharged anyway.   The benefits

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Hi Mark.   I am a lawyer and you sent me this question a few minutes ago.    The short answer to your first question is that you have not said enough in your question to be able to say if you would lose

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Hello Mohammed:       I have had quite a few cases in the courts of New York over the years, and pPerhaps you are making more of this issue than it deserves and your suggestion that you can simply avoid


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