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Gary Lee Gammenthaler


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Collections Law, Fair Debt Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Credit Repair Organizations Act, Bankruptcy Law,etc.

Experience in the area

25 years in the collection agency business, 5 years in credit repair business.


4 years Brigham Young University, 2 years Utah Valley University.

Past/Present Clients

Taco Bell. Tunex Automotive Repair, Carl's Jr, Sound Warehouse, 20 Attorneys in Utah, 40 Apartment Complexes in Utah.

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Choo02/08/16101010Okay, thanks for your advice.
Beth03/05/15101010thank you for your help
Courtney03/14/14101010Thank you so much for your response .....

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2016-09-14 Never Notified of Ex-Husband's Outstanding Debt:

First of all is the student loans your or his. Federal Student loans as of now there are no limits of statutes and can never be bankrupt. So if they are your student loans you owe them if they are his

2016-03-22 westgate resorts:

John I feel your pain and frustration and could give you some advice but I wanted to defer this question to who I know is a better expert and  who also is an expert on this site and who is more expert

2016-02-15 Collection:

With an collection account this old disputing it would not help you since they will just verify it. I have dealt with many negotiations for clients to pay off an old account. Here is the trick though.

2016-02-06 Bad debtor:

As a small business owner you are not bound to the Fair Debt Collection practices act as a collection agency would be. However using social media to collect on such a debt is bad business practice. I would

2015-12-05 Paying off debts:

I have owned a collection agency for 25 years and have always tried to work with debtors with payment plans but usually a minimum of $50 a month. Unfortunately however it is an old wives tale that if you


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