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If you have been served with a summons and complaint, I can answer questions about what your options are and what you can expect to occur.

Experience in the area

Experience with many lawsuits over the past 30 years.


Law Degree (J.D.); Bachelors Degree

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2017-02-15 Debt collection from payday loans:

Hi Michelle:   Your question was addressed to someone named Ray but apparently you sent it to me as well.   To answer your question more precisely, there are a few more facts that I need to know -   For

2016-11-06 When:

Here is an article that may be of some help.   My initial impression is that you are overly concerned with the threat of recoupment of medicare costs by the federal government.    First of all, since the

2016-11-06 When a:

this is not a serious question.   the person asking the question keeps asking the same question and does not appear to want an answer, but is instead merely playing with the computer.    also, the question

2016-08-23 Owing a debt in one state, live in another:

Hi Laura:  First of all, regardless of what your divorce decree says, that is between you and your ex.    What I mean is that if the divorce decree provides that your ex was to pay the bill, and if he

2016-01-07 Contract/loan issue:

Hello Philip:  I just saw your question and was writing to see if you still needed help with your cosignor situation on the truck.      I can help you if you wish, but you just have not said enough information


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