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Debt Collection, Credit Reporting, FCRA, FDCPA, TCPA issues

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Founder of Debtorboards, co-author of Debtsmanship, former Collector, Credit Counselor



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2016-02-15 Collection:

This started as a workers compensation issue and it remains so. It seems they simply are not paying attention to you because it is easier for them to just dun you than to correct the doctor's billing error

2016-02-13 Student loans.:

Under Fair Credit Reporting Act, ALL derogatory trade lines must go away 7 years and 6 months from the event that first led to the delinquency (read that as the fist missed payment). The 6 months is the

2016-02-13 Student loans.:

Derogatory items must come off after 7 years, that is law. Non-derogatory items have no time limit (and since only derogatories hurt you and they are all $0 balances they certainly don't hurt you) but

2016-02-13 Student loans.:

The transferring of a debt from one party to another does not affect your credit score at all. When lender "A" sells a debt, they must report the debt as having a balance of $0 so that the credit scorer

2016-02-06 Bad debtor:

I strongly advise against doing what you are considering because you risk being sued for all sorts of things - libel, slander, defamation and interference with business relationships being the first I


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