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FIDIC, Arbitration Procedures, Claim Management, Project Management.

Experience in the area

I have experience of working at 6 countries in MENA region (algeria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Pakistan)as the Regional Director and General Manager of a construction company. I have experience on various applications of FIDIC and construction law, arbitration procedures, claim management, project management.


CEO of TURCON Construction presently.


M.S. Civil Engineer, Various Courses on Project Management, Seminars on FIDIC.

Past/Present Clients

National Highway Authorities of various countries, Water and Power Development Authorities, Karachi Port Trust, etc.

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2016-04-18 Possession of Site:

The Contract, as in your case Yellow Book gives right to Terminate to the Contractor in accordance with clause 16.2 in case of such delay on payment. However if Contractor does not want to terminate, a

2016-03-29 Difference Between Two Clauses:

Dear Shantha,    As you know that when FIDIC issues a contract document and circulates to use, feedback from the users, i.e. from contrator's, employer's and consultant's starts to arrive and upon collecting

2016-03-17 clarification -variation:

Dear Girdhar,    This is a Variation which requires an agreement between the Engineer and the Contractor on price diffrence, however the mechanism of fixing price different is not clarified in the Contract

2016-02-22 Contract Queries:

Dear Waheed,    For the item 1, we need to see Variation Clause and if it is exceeding certain limit by deducting 600.000.- if not,and there is no limitation than general practice to deduct 600,000 as

2016-01-19 Time Barring principle under the Algerian law:

Dear Syeed,    I have experience of working in Algeria however I am not a law expert, just engineer and problem finding Algerian law documents or clauses, it is quite difficult because the official language


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