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Anything related to extensions of time and delay analysis.

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45 years in the Construction Industry 15 Years as a consultant delay analyst - I now hold myself to be expert in this field.


Society of Construction Law Adjudication Society ex Planning Engineers Organisation


6 articles on the relevance of the India Contract Act 1872 and its relevance to modern construction in India. Waiting Publication


Associate Member of the Institue of Building

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Currently employed in India by Punj Lloyd as expert delay analyst. Engaged in ongoing arbitrations and EoT claims. Prior an Indepenent consultant in delay analysis.

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SAJI03/06/17101010 Thanks Mike For your time
Kenji02/27/17101010Thanks Mike for the quick answer, perhaps .....

Recent Answers from Mike Testro

2017-03-06 PC Sum Adjustment:

Hi Saji  True appointments of Nominated Sub Contractors are a rare occurrence these days. Usually when an Employer wants to engage a specialist sub contractor of his own choice he "Novates" the contract

2017-03-01 Fluctuation:

Hi Mettisage    Please refer to 12.3:  (a) if the quantity changes then a new rate can be applied which can take into account for cost rises  (b) BOQ rates are used for items of a similar nature but for

2017-02-24 As-Built Drawings:

Hi Kenji  The answer to your question is in two parts.  For a contractor to perform an obligation under the contract then:  1. The obligation has to be set down in the agreement.  2. There has to be a

2017-02-15 InternalActivity delay:

Hi Rohana  This seems to be a typical concurrency argument.  The simple rules are:  1. If the contractor causes delay then the sub-contractor is awarded an EoT.  2. If the sub-contractor causes delay he

2017-02-08 FIDIC 1999:

Hi Sudantha  Instead of using me to provide you with simple answers I suggest that you do your own research into FIDIC to find what sanctions the Employer has in the case of the Contractor's breach of


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