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I can answer all questions relating to the followings: 1. Contract Administration - variations, contract clauses interpretation, all post contract procedures, valuations and certificates questions, extension of time issues and prolongation cost matters. 2. Contract Practice - Any questions regarding forms of contract like JCT, FIDIC & other Bespoke forms. 3. Quantification, measurements and Estimating questions 4. Contracts and construction law questions and dispute resolutions problems. 5. All FIDIC Conditions of contracts

Experience in the area

Out of my 24 years experience in construction industry, i have the following specific experience: 1. Contract Administration - 15 years in contract administration with over 10yrs in Managerial positions covering africa and the middleeast. 2. Contract Practice - 15 years experience with over 10yrs in Managerial and expert positions covering africa, north america and the middleeast. 3. All pre-contract procedures, Tendering, Quantification, measurements and Estimating questions - 20 years experience. 4. Contracts and construction law questions and dispute resolutions problems - 15 years experience with over 10yrs in Managerial and expert positions and 5 years expert witness and active practice in arbitration proceedings covering africa and the middleeast.


1. FAIQS - Fellow, Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Australia 2. FRICS - Fellow, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, UK 3. CCP - Certified Cost Professional AACEI, USA 4. PQS - CIQS, CANADA 5. ACIArb. - CIArb, UK 6. MNIQS - NIQS, NIGERIA 7. RQS - QSRBN, NIGERIA


1. AACEI RP on Estimating, 2010


1. B.Tech (QS) 2. RICS professional course, CEM - UK 3. MSc , UK NARIC 4. Professional Doctorate ( to commence 2016)

Past/Present Clients

1. Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Dubai UAE 2. Larsen & Toubro (oman) LLC 3. Archi + Web consortium, Abuja Nigeria 4. George Dike & Associates, Minna Nigeria 5. Public works Authority (Ashghal), Doha Qatar

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2016-12-07 annual construction turnover:

Dear Shoaib,    Thank you for your question.    Determination of construction turnover to prequalify bidders depends on various factors. Some of these factors are the size of the project the bidders are

2016-12-05 Interim Payment:

Dear Dilum,    Thanks for your question.    The condition of particular application you have cited appears to be a "time bar" clause, notwithstanding, in my view, there could be an exception if it becomes

2016-12-02 Agreement:

Dear Sudantha,    Thanks once again.    It depends on the terms of the contract and the wordings (content with interpretation) of the LOA. Where the wordings position it to create a contractual commitment

2016-11-29 Variation:

Dear Dilum,      Thank you for your question.    1. it is a general contractual and legal principle that, no party in a contract must benefit from the fault of others illegitimately. As such, the employer

2016-11-26 Provisional Sums:

Dear Sudantha,    Thanks for your question and apologies for the late response.    Percentages to be inserted for associated services / works (Builders works, Attendance and OH & P) relating to provisional


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