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Questions related to Civil Engineering Contracts, using FIDIC or other Conditions of Contract, concerning Procurement procedures and documents (pre-qualification, tendering and contracting) and Services/ Works Contracts implementation matters including Determinations, Payments, Time Extensions, VOs, Claims/Disputes. Additionally, questions related to dealing with International Financing Institutions. Can also answer questions in Romanian. Can not answer improperly formulated questions.

Experience in the area

Over 20 years of experience in the field of design, works supervision, construction, management of aid funds and technical assistance for various types of contracts implementation, including severe conflictual contractual situations leading to Claims and disputes. Claims/ Contract management, Disputes adjudication, Arbitration.


Member of Romanian Professional Association of Roads and Bridges; Listed on President's List of Adjudicators of Romanian Association of Consulting Engineers Former member of the Disputes Resolution Board Foundation (DRBF) of United States – nominee on DRBF President’s Disputes Board Members List and of DRBF Chapter for Eastern Europe Former member of Polish Association of Consulting Engineers (SIDiR) – nominee on SIDiR President’s Disputes Board Members National List Member of “” volunteers pool Member of the "Constructions Disputes Resolution Services” International Panel of Construction ADR Specialists" of United States


- Graduate in 1994 the Construction Institute - Graduate of several FIDIC,Procurement and other courses - Graduate of first Disputes Board Members Mentoring Scheme ( - FIDIC Accredited Adjudicator

Past/Present Clients

- Several State organisations/Ministries , such as Ministry of Transport, National Admistration of Roads, Ministry of Regional Development (former Ministry of European Integration), Public Works and Housing, Central Contracting and Financing Unit in Romania and also in Turkey, Croatia and Macedonia - Numerous Western based private consultancy companies - full CV and other relevant information available at

What do you like about this subject?

The challenges raised by the questioneers, from various parts of the globe, from various fields of construction, from minor home works to large infrastructure projects.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Exercise my knowledge while helping others.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

It's not always the way you thought it is.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Look at it again!

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Sheyan01/16/17101010Thank you very much sir. Your advices .....
Umer Shabbir01/10/171010Thanks again for reply.
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Recent Answers from Florin NICULESCU

2017-01-16 Preamble & BOQ:

Dear Sheyan,      Thank you for your interesting question.    From the outset, though not a total stranger to, I am not an expert in common law, but indicated principle are working just as fine in the

2017-01-10 Provisional Sum:

Dear Umer,      I can not give any opinion on what you 'red somewhere'. Regardless how knowledgeable one may be, can not give an answer based on unknown data.    All I can say is the answer I already gave

2017-01-10 Payment in Various Currencies:

Hello again Umer,        Thank you for your question.    Described situation is rather odd, as first of all, Contractor did not fulfilled his obligation to express the Statement in different currencies

2017-01-10 Provisional Sum:

Hello Umer,      Happy new year and welcome back, long time since I did not heard of you.    Contractor is to be reimbursed ALL Costs, as per definition in the Contract.    On top of these, 5% OH and profit

2017-01-05 Preliminaries and Preambles:

Dear Tamer,      Thank you for your question.    In absence of any details explaining the context you're having in mind, I can only assume it is the same name, given in different cases to General Items


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