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I will take questions regarding employment law, with a focus on wage and hour issues involving overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and applicable state laws (eg. California).

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I am an attorney with 15+ years experience in the area of labor and employment law, with a practice that concentrates heavily in the area of wage and hour litigation - involving unpaid overtime wages, commissions, work related expenses and vacation pay.


American Bar Association, American Association for Justice, National Employment Lawyers Association


BBA in Finance, J.D.

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The majority of workers who have valid claims for unpaid overtime wages never pursue them. Why? Because they don't even know that they are legally entitled to overtime pay. Don't rely on your supervisor, HR or friends to tell you your legal rights. Just because you are paid a "salary", day rate, straight time or "agreed" to not get paid overtime - doesn't mean you are not owed overtime.

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Skye,    The answer to your questions is - as an exempt managerial level employee you should probably not be sharing in tips, particularly if this is a one-off type of event. By doing so, you are creating

2016-06-06 missed punches:

Tim,    As a general rule under both state and federal wage and hour laws, employees are entitled to be paid for all time actually worked and it is an employer's responsibility to properly and accurately

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Deborah,    You are exactly right - how is an employee to know if they are being compensated or deducted correctly if they are not provided with a pay stub that breaks these items out?  The answer is,

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Anita,    While it is not entirely clear to me the timeframe in which this travel is taking place, if going to the training seminar requires an overnight trip, this would be considered "work time" to the

2014-12-05 Overtime pay for hours paid?:

Andrew,    While I'm not entirely clear on your situation, I believe your primary question involves the issue of what is a "workweek".  Your employer's workweek will determine what hours fall into each


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