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California Personal Injury lawyer with 18 years of experience handling automobile accidents, dogbites, slip and fall cases as well as medical malpractice cases will answer your questions regarding these areas. Valuestar Certified. Author of "Top 20 PI sites on the Internet" for Law Office Computing Magazine

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2015-03-10 compartment syndrome:

You may very well have a malpractice case. Your records will need to be analyzed byan expert.    Please feel free to call me at 916-921-6400. I know excellent attorneys nearbye who may be able     to help

2014-11-24 Methatrexate:

Don't know who handles this up in Canada. Perhaps call this guy    Look at paragraph 2.    Looks like he may have handled these cases before.

2014-10-21 Imbilical Hernia Surgeries:

Please give me a bit more info Kathy. Sorry you are having problems. What was the date of surgery for each one and where did you have the procedure?    Do you know what company manufactured the mesh? This

2014-09-26 Omitting a root canal procedure in records:

Sorry for the delay. Just back from vacation.    Here's a case by a San Francisco attorney, Ed Zinman. many years ago. He obtained a verdict many years ago on this so you might want to call him to see

2014-07-21 Ulnar nerve:

Sorry for the delay..been out of toen.    Here's an article that may help.    In general, there can be liability.    The real issues are whether or not


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