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Thirty-four years experience in personal injury, medical malpractice and medical product liability law. Qualified to answer all questions regarding injuries and the law, except for worker`s compensation. Also wide experience in medical product defect cases ie current litigation regarding the Johnson&Johnson (DePuy)defective hip implant cases and Mirena IUD issues

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Thirty-four years experience handling cases involving auto accidents, trips and fall, fires, dog bite,medical malpractice and defective medical product cases with particular emphasis in 2012 and beyond with the DePuy ASR (Johnson&Johnson) defective hip implant cases. Twenty-five years of experience with defective IUD issues as well


Jurisdoctor Degree 1976 and Member in good standing with CA State Bar Assoc. since 1976

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Recent Answers from Glenn A. Dorfman

2017-02-22 Arachnoiditis after back surgery:

Jennifer; Firstly, let me tell you that I have been an attorney representing victimns of medical  malpractice for 40 years now. I am on your side.  I am very sympathetic to your situation.  I am very sorry

2016-12-23 class action for methotraxate:

I can't possibly answer your question without knowing why your were prescribed Metho and what complications you have suffered.  Methotrexate is a stong and toxic medication and is only prescribed when

2016-10-19 Knee spacer surgery:

Sorry you are having such problems. Legal/medical issue is "was there good reason for the different size space and/or was it the doctors reasonable medical judgment to do as he did???? If so there is no

2016-09-28 Gore-Tex Vaginal Mesh Problems:

I have referred out a couple of mesh cases and remain fairly informed about the various cases pending against the various manufacturers.  However, I am not aware of any litigation regarding GoreTex products

2016-08-18 dental malpractice?:

Difficult situation for you but I think the legal aspect is clear.  Seems no question but that the dentist who did the straightening was negligent (malpractice) in not realizing that you were not a good


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