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California Personal Injury lawyer with 18 years of experience handling automobile accidents, dogbites, slip and fall cases as well as medical malpractice cases will answer your questions regarding these areas. Valuestar Certified. Author of "Top 20 PI sites on the Internet" for Law Office Computing Magazine.

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2016-07-05 Auto crash question:

I'll be in in another hour at 4:15 Pm PAcific. Please call me at the number above. Hiring a local personal injury lawyer is a big mistake. I want to know a lot more about your case so I can figure who

2016-07-05 Auto crash question:

It is like pulling teeth to try to get any information out of the at fault drivers insurance company. Each time we call, it is like we have to start from the beginning.     Yes, insurance companies almost

2015-11-01 personal injury (Las Vegas, NV):

I am not a Nevada attorney so I urge you to consult with a Nevada Injury Attorney for consultation.    Nonetheless, it appears the Time limit in Nevada for injury suits is two years and, as you say, that

2015-02-28 slip and fall:

Where did this happen, Billy. You may well have a good case. Hotels and Motels in most states have a duty to keep premises free of ice and frost if they can.  What were your total medical bills?  Did you

2014-10-03 lawyer on hand:

There's no ONE attorney who will be able to be on call. It depends on the nature of the legal problem.    Best Bet is:    Go to (Find a lawyer) and put in your town and the kind of lawyer you


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