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Thirty-two years experience in personal injury, medical malpractice, medical product liability law and class actions. Qualified to answer all questions regarding injuries and the law, except for worker`s compensation. Actively involved and fully experienced in litigation regarding recalled hip implants as well as the Mirena IUD.

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Hundreds of satisfied clients in previous litigation


California State Bar Association in good standing since 1976. Federal District Court


Jurisx Doctor degree 1976

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Joe02/16/17101010Thank you for your very insightful advice .....
jerry10/12/16 Excellent advice for my situation when .....
jerry10/10/16 Today is a holiday (Columbus Day) .....
maria09/12/16101010Thank you very much for your answer .....

Recent Answers from Glenn A. Dorfman

2017-02-15 health insurance denial:

Hi Joe: I gave 90% of my long reply and then hit the wrong key and lost it.  Here it goes again:  If your wife got surgery and 3 days as an in-patient, and your bill is only $4,000, I've got to believe

2016-10-11 Uncashed workers comp. check.:

Jerry, you know the answer to that.  A photocopy of course.  If they agree, in writing, to replace the check then they would probably want the original back at which time you can provide it to them...

2016-10-10 Uncashed workers comp. check.:

If it was an overpayment they would have stopped payment eventually.  Unless you know for sure that it was, I would go ahead and try to get a new one issued.  Tell them you put it away and just forgot

2016-10-10 Uncashed workers comp. check.:

Wow Jerry, you must be a wealthy guy. Hold that check for 6 years and now thinking you won't even bother to see if you can get it paid?  The advice of the Credit Union is of course what you should do.

2016-09-08 misread xray report:

Maria:  I don't understand why it is important to you that the original report be amended to mention the fracture.  Since it was discovered eventually, the record is clear what  your injury was.  I thought


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