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I am an IRS-authorized EA and principal of a Tax Preparation firm focusing on U.S. Expatriates. We specialize in all tax issues faced by American citizens living abroad - such as foreign earned income, tax treaties, foreign spouse, etc. Visit our website - - for more information.

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18 years professional tax experience, 12 with expatriate taxes.


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MBA from Zicklin School Of Business, IRS Enrolled Agent

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Recent Answers from IJ Zemelman, EA MBA

2016-11-05 Does the IRS except gold for payment of taxes?:

That's a great question.    The IRS accepts only cash for payment of taxes. Methods of cash transfer include check, credit card payment, wire transfer - but eventually the taxpayer (business entity or

2016-08-28 International money transfer and taxes:

When you sell the apartment you will pay tax on capital gains.     The advantage of the inherited property that cost basis for calculation of capital gains is a "step-up" - i.e., fair market price on the

2016-08-24 International money transfer and taxes:

Dear Alenka,    You don't have to pay tax on foreign inheritance but you must report it to the IRS on form 3520.    See    Hope this helps    I.J.Zemelman, EA

2016-08-05 What does an American mother have to do, so her children that are born in Canada are not required to report all earnings to the IRS and pay American taxes for their entire lives, even if they never visit the United States?:

Hello,    Not every child born abroad to the U.S. mother automatically becomes a U.S. citizen.  Consult the U.S. Embassy in Canada to find out whether your children qualify for U.S. citizenship. It depends

2016-06-16 Effectively connected income or not:

Dear Sean,    Compensation for lost wages reported on form W-2 is income effectively connected and thus taxable to you.    Income reported on 1099 will be treated differently. Whether it is taxable or


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