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New York wills, probate, and estate planning.

"Wills" includes advice and preparation of the following documents: wills, powers of attorney, living wills, healthcare proxies, burial instructions, and other supporting documents.

"Probate" includes the following Surrogate's Court proceedings: probate, intestate administration, small estate administration, and most other proceedings.

"Estate Planning" includes planning for the following areas: asset protection, estate tax, income tax, charitable giving, and other wealth planning issues.

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Experience: Anthony Park is an attorney with an active Wills, Probate, and Estate Planning practice located in midtown Manhattan.

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Recent Answers from Anthony S. Park

2011-04-30 Estate/Will/Real Estate.:

Donna,    Yes, it will likely require three court proceedings (one for your grandmother's estate, one for your aunt's estate, and one for your mother's estate), but it is possible.  It will be somewhat

2011-01-26 Intestate, Insolvent, 401-K balance of $3000:

Dear Sheryl,    No, a 401K account does not go through probate so long as there is a named beneficiary.  However, the 401K must go through probate if: (i) there is no named beneficiary; (ii) all named

2010-05-17 Do I need a will?:

Marian,    Did your deceased brother have any children?  If so, then without a will the co-op would be split four ways, 1/4 to each of your siblings, and the remaining 1/4 divided amongst your pre-deceased

2010-02-17 surrogate tax dispute:

Yes, a 2008 estate of $1.4mm will owe New York Estate Tax.  The executor is responsible for paying the estate tax and filing the estate tax return.  If the estate has insufficient funds to pay the tax

2009-05-11 taxes:

Hi Todd,    Any estate taxes due should have been paid by the executor before distributing to you wife.  Are you sure the bill was from the Federal govt, or from the State govt?  Some states have inheritance


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