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Noam Kolodny, Adv.


Question concerning Israeli real estate laws in general including municipal and taxation issues. Commercial law and representation of Israeli companies.

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Kolodny Adv. Deals with complex real estate transactions, and represent a wide variety of Israeli firms and start ups.


LL.B , B.A in business LL.M in law and economics

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Barazani Benzvi04/29/12101010Noam Kolodny is a first rate advocate .....
Janece12/14/11101010very fast - seems very knowledgeable.
Rebecca10/09/11101010Thank you for your response in such .....
Janece 09/03/11101010Thank you for the service. Noam seems .....

Recent Answers from Noam Kolodny, Adv.

2012-10-24 Unclaimed Property in Israel:

Hi Sally,  This isn't necessarily a scam.  You definitely have rights as a widow, depending on the will. Usually these cases are brought forward by investors who already have real estate plans for property

2012-07-12 israeli land inheretince:

Hi Nancy,    As long as the will states in no uncertain terms that you are the rightful owner, than all is fine.  You must retain the services of an Israeli lawyer, and transfer the rights in the apartment

2012-06-29 Non-Land Property Laws in Israel:

Hi Christopher,  I'm sorry but you're question isn't full understood .  As a citizen in Israel, you're property will be protected in the same manner as it was before. furthermore you will be able to purchase

2012-04-25 Corporation:

Forming a company in Israel is pretty simple and straightforward there are registration fees of some 3,000 nis and annual fees of 1,200 nis.    My fees are 2,700 nis.    The major problem with registering

2011-09-02 inheritance of joint account:

Dear Jance,  Israeli law requires following a clear inheritance trail. Onnce you have proven who inherits each of the late brothers, and the structure of the bank account is clear, then deciding how the


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