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I am a nutrition scientist, actively involved in promoting awareness of the role of the diet in maintaining good health.I am passionate and educating people about the role of nutrition in health and disease (dietary health and nutritional intervention in disease, particularly the role of essential fatty acids in conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, digestive health, children's disorders etc.)

Experience in the area

I trained in biomedical science before studying for a doctorate in cell biology. Following this I turned to industry, putting into practice my extensive science background, researching and developing nutritional supplements, and implementing educational training workshops for professional practitioners and the public.


I authored peer-reviewed articles in leading science journals, as well as having written for national trade magazines. I published papers with the British Nutrition Foundation, Network Health Dietician. Wrote articles for magazines: Choice Health & Wellbeing, The Nutrition Practitioner, Your Healthy Living Magazine and many more. I also write stuff on my blog:


I received my PhD in Cell Biology from Cambridge University.

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