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Czech Republic

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I can answer questions related to general nutrition, fitness nutrition, bodybuilding nutrition, weight loss nutrition, healthy lifestyle nutrition.

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As an ISSA certified personal trainer it is my job to provide nutrition plans on a daily basis for my clients and offer nutritional help to those in need. I believe that nutrition is one of the most important aspects to getting into shape. My reason being is that if you workout out for one hour, four times a week then that's only 2% of your week. If you sleep 8 hours a night that's another 33%. So during the other 65% of your time it's nutrition that makes changes in peoples lives. So focusing more on nutrition has helped many of my clients get the results they wanted.


I'm an ISSA certified personal trainer. I'm JSLA certified (Junior Sports Leadership Award) in 2014 I will be a certified ISSA bodybuilding trainer

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In the past I have created hundreds of nutrition plans for my clients based on their goals and needs. Nowadays I am focusing more on helping people across the globe via the internet as I can hit a bigger number of people in need of help.

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