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I hope to answer questions on the theology, history, and constitution (there isn`t one!) of the Church of England (but not necessarily on the wider Anglican Communion)

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A priest in the Church of England for over 30 years, with some specialist knowledge of the 19th century
I hold a Master's degree in Applied Theology
Church Times; Church of England Newspaper; Lion Encyclopedia of the Bible


Church Times; Church of England Newspaper; Lion Encyclopedia of the Bible

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Recent Answers from Rev Steve Parish

2016-10-11 Church doors:

If green signifies anything in England it's simply that green is a favoured colour for doors and window frames in heritage buildings, leading to a particular shade being known as "heritage green". Most

2016-04-22 Elect of God:

In its "historic formularies" the Church of England does not see man in control, though no doubt there have been and are Anglicans who are a bit Arminian in their views.    The two of the 39 articles most

2016-03-11 Can one belong to two Anglican churches:

As you don't have to do much to be a "member" of a church in the Communion the question may be largely academic. The electoral roll in the Church of England is a formal list of members but members do not

2015-08-23 Baby Baptism:

There is not much in the Bible about dedication of children. There was no need as all children in the Jewish faith were children of the household of faith.    As Christian conversion involved a choice

2015-07-29 Baptism:

Other than the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19) with its Trinitarian formula, baptisms in other New Testament instances are "in the name of Jesus" (or some variant). It's possible that even then the Trinitarian


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