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I will answer all questions on Anglicanism / Episcopalianism

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25 years experience as a Theologian


Community of Christ Religious society of Friends (Quakers)


Bachelor of Religious Studies, Ph.D.; D.D.

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Anglicanism / Episcopalianism is the quintessential 'middle-of-the-road' Christianity that (at its best) tries to meet the needs of God's people by being their servant.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

As much as possible

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Recent Answers from Ray McIntyre

2015-02-05 Unpardonable sin:

David,    May the Wise Lord bless you greatly! Many people ask about the unpardonable sin and perhaps the simplest answer to the question "have I committed it?" is the following. If you had committed the

2013-10-20 ALTAR FLOWERS:

Dear James,    This will differ from parish to parish. Some will try to match the colors of the flowers to the colors of the seasons others will not. I append a link to a site which has the colors of the

2011-08-10 Anglican Eucharist, for example...:

Robert,    What you see as a problem, I see as a blessing. The very variety of worship styles allows a person to find a home, a place where they are a valued member of the community. But take a close look

2011-07-31 Anglican Eucharist, for example...:

Dear Robert,    This has always been one of the problems with Anglicanism. Please allow me to quote from a site called " Being Anglican."    " . . .  <u>the Anglican church has no unique set of beliefs

2011-04-17 Episcopal Mass for the deceased?:

Dear Patricia,    Mostly no. Some 'high' Anglican parishes will do memorial masses for the departed but most Anglican / Episcopalian churches will not. You can ask that the rector include prayers for the


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